Since 1944, DMC Machine Tools has been a leading Korean machine builder of high-tech CNC metalworking machines. DMC Machine Tools has built machines for Hyundai-Wia, Doosan and Takamaz. For several years now, DMC Machine Tools has been acting independently to market its machines. Years of experience in combination with various strategic partnerships has resulted in DMC Machine Tools being able to market a high-quality line of CNC lathes and machining centers at an excellent price/performance ratio. The entire line consists of about 100 different models and ranges from very small horizontal CNC lathes to very large CNC lathes with a maximum turning length of 3,200 mm. DMC also supplies a line of vertical CNC lathes up to a maximum turning diameter of 3,000 mm and a line of vertical machining centers. For more information, see  DMC Machine Tools  on the DMC Machine Tools website


L.K. Machinery is a manufacturer specialized in machining centers. LK builds high quality machining centers with an excellent price/performance ratio. High-quality components are used in the machines. Most commonly used controls are Fanuc, Mitsubishi and the Siemens 828D control including Shopmill 

For more information see; L.K. Machinery Bewerkingscentra or on the website of LK Machinery


Ray Feng; Manufacturer of Swiss type CNC lathes

Ray Feng Machinery's growth has been driven by the continuous support and belief in Ray-Feng from its international and national customers. Ray-Feng continuously works on the quality and appearance of its machines. Ray-Feng has recently also adapted its logo to do more justice to the fact that they now supply machines worldwide. Ray-Feng is therefore continuously perfecting its machines. At the same time, Ray-Feng operates modestly with sustainability in mind. Ray-Feng's growth and success is mainly inspired by the enthusiasm of its customers. We at MachineMatch share this enthusiasm to recommend these beautiful products to our customers

For more information;  Ray Feng CNC Langdraaiers or on the website


The Mylas company started in 1985 and has grown steadily over the years since its inception. The production of CNC lathes started in the year 2000 and within 10 years the production line had to be expanded enormously to meet the worldwide demand. The main reason is that the company is continuously working on innovation in the field of cnc turning. Mylas is constantly looking for solutions to improve the competences and the production process of its customers. In addition, Mylas does not lose sight of quality and high precision. The employees including the founder R.F. Lin are passionate people who want to offer the best possible product to their customers as a team, see also the homepage Mylas or