Since 1944, DMC has been a leading Korean machine builder of high-tech CNC metalworking machines. DMC has built machines for Hyundai, Doosan and Takamaz, among others. For several years now, DMC has been acting independently to market its machines. Years of experience in combination with various strategic partnerships has resulted in DMC being able to market a high-quality line of CNC lathes and machining centers at an excellent price/performance ratio.

The entire line consists of about 100 different models and ranges from very small horizontal CNC lathes to very large CNC lathes with a maximum turning length of up to 3200 mm and a turning diameter over the bed of up to 1030 mm.

DMC also supplies a line of vertical CNC lathes up to a maximum diameter of 3000 mm and a line of machining centers. See also;