For sale: Ray Feng 2-axis CNC lathe type RC-32 equipped with a Mitsubishi E70/E80 control. This is a so-called gang type (carriage type) CNC turning machine. You can place several chisel blocks on the cross slide. Also, 1 of these machines (2 machines in total) has a turret mounted on the back of the carriage, so that you have even more positions. The maximum turning diameter is 33 mm, the maximum turning length is 100 mm. The maximum turning diameter over the carriage is 80 mm. The X-axis displacement is 340mm, the Z-axis displacement is 150mm. The maximum spindle diameter is 32 mm. Main motor power at the spindle is 5 kW, the maximum speed is 6,000 rpm. The machine is equipped with a Fedek (LNS) bar magazine type SL-65S. On the right side of the machine there is a  table on which longer shafts can be discharged and deposited. So the bar material is loaded on the left side and the ready-made product is removed on the right side!  Delivery from stock. For more information please send an e-mail: